Why didn’t anyone tell me that…

Dish washing soap is not the same as dish washing MACHINE soap.

This incident happened a few years ago… I guess you could call it my first (mis)Adventure.

I was a poor college student, fresh out of Cascade dishwasher detergent.  This was borderline traumatizing because the fact that I had even loaded the dishwasher was a miracle.  My housekeeping skills left much to be desired and I lived with the world’s messiest person so between the two of us, our apartment was just about the nastiest place I’d even been in.  I wouldn’t allow my children in that place if it existed today, it was that bad.  My housekeeping skills to this day still leave something to be desired (ask my husband), but that’s a story for another day, and at the least I can assure you they are vastly improved and I do allow my baby to live there.

I assumed that dish soap would be a fine replacement in a pinch.  So I took the deliciously fragrant and pink “Pink Grapefruit” scented method dish soap and filled up the soap dispenser.  And then, just for good measure, I wrote my name in big, fat, bubbly letters on the inside door of the dishwasher.  I slammed that door shut, flipped on the machine, and sat down to watch some TV.

A short time later out of the corner of my eye, I saw something.  A 3 FOOT WALL OF SOAP creeping into my living room.  I was hysterical.  I mean, that soap could damage all the crap I had laying around on the floor!  Mostly I was concerned about how to stop and contain the Soap Beast.  I turned off the dishwasher and pondered how to slay it.  Then I remembered the 7 enemies of oil from my McDonald’s days.  Soap was one of them.  So if soap is an enemy of oil, maybe oil is an enemy of soap?  I grabbed a can of Pam and started spraying.  And you know what?  IT FREAKIN’ WORKED.

It was a big mess overall, and I ended up with an oily, soapy floor.  But now YOU know.  Liquid dish soap will make your dishwasher explode with bubbles.  Great for a rap video shoot, if that’s your thing, but pretty much a disaster any other time.


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