Kitchen Rules

I’m not the tidiest person in the world. This is a trait that I am not proud of, I don’t like, and I am working to overcome.

That being said, when it comes to my kitchen I am VERY picky about HOW it needs to cleaned/used.

1) Sponges are disgusting. They get slimy. They breed bacteria. GROSS. There’s a new sponge that supposedly can be sanitized in the dishwasher, but I dunno… I use washclothes that can be bleached for my kitchen cleaning. What do you use? If you use sponges, why? What am I missing about them??

2) Counters are for setting stuff on. Not for cutting on, not for putting food on. This works fine until I try to roll out Xmas cookies. I just don’t know what cleaner to use on my counters that wouldn’t then pose a threat to my food. Suggestions?

3) NO. KNIVES. IN. THE. SINK. EVER. I don’t need to stick my hand in a pile of dirty dishes and get stabbed. Plus they are at a risk of getting chipped and dinged and my knives already have little going for them, they don’t need any help sucking.

4) Knives get handwashed. Except for my cheapo steak knives that I don’t care about, all knives are handwashed. So are weak wine glasses.  But beyond that, I throw it all in the dishwasher.  I like my dishes to be sanitized!

5) Towels that are used to dry hands are only to be touched by clean hands and that’s it.  If they get used to clean up a spill or wipe a counter, they are dirty and should be put in the dirty clothes piles.

Am I nuts?  Is everyone this picky about their kitchen?  I’ve lived with 3 different adults AS an adult, and I have had differnt kitchen rules than all of them.  And it makes me crazy.  Whoops.


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