Day of rest

The new workout plan I got myself into doesn’t have a day of rest in it.  Huh.  “Rest” days are days where you do cardio only.  30 minutes of high intensity interval training.  Not very restful…  yesterday I did legs and abs and hoolllyyy sh!t.  I had to use the handicap bathroom stall at work just so I could have something to hold onto, lest I put my full weight on the toilet seat.  Every single movement hurts.  Good hurt.  But it’s a restricting kind of hurt.  Today my workout plan said I should do back, biceps, and cardio.  Truthfully I could have done the weights but there’s no way I could have accomplished the cardio.  Not on my poor legs.

I’ve always liked the analogy of weight training being an earthquake that rattles your muscles, aka a building.  If you workout again before the “building” is repaired, it’s like another earthquake and just does more damage.  But is it true?  Should you wait until your muscles are no longer sore before lifting again? 

My back and biceps have recovered from last week.  But my body is working so hard right now to recover from yesterday.  I couldn’t face tomorrow with a sore upper body on top of it.

So what do you think?  Are my reasons just excuses for not wanting to workout since I work 9 hours on Sundays?  Are recovery days important?  What should a recovery day look like?  How often should you work the same muscle group?  How long until new “Mad Men”?  Oh wait, that last one might be for another post… 🙂

Peace be with you always!  Happy Sunday!


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