F gluten

My dear sweet amazing funny friend Sam and I were talking via twitter yesterday about gluten. She has cut it out of her diet and claims she feels way better. I cut it out about two and a half months ago but I didn’t feel like I really noticed much of a difference. I started getting back into weight lifting a few weeks ago and started toying with having some concentrated carbs pre and post workout. So without really thinking, I bought some whole grain bagels and for three days I had half of one with some natural peanut butter before my workout.
The workouts seemed to go better, I think, and I had more energy the rest of the day. The reason I say I think the workouts went better are because while I was able to get my muscles to the point of failure, I didn’t really feel a burn. I thought maybe that was because my muscles were being fueled so well so they didn’t have to burn. But I wasn’t sore after my workout either. Again, maybe that’s because I was perfectly fueling my body for my workouts. Or maybe I was tired from the carbs and wasn’t able to push myself as hard…
Either way, I won’t be eating those bagels anymore. My tongue started to hurt after eating the bagels, and within 2 days my geographic tongue was back in full force. Geographic tongue is a sort of autoimmune thing where your tongue swells and gets red painful bumps that move around on the tongue. Gross huh? Anyway, I hadn’t had any problems with it since cutting out gluten but I really hadn’t noticed the lack of pain. Along with my painful tongue, my seasonal allergies seemed to appear out of nowhere and my skin broke out. I’m using prescription acne medicine so there is no reason to be breaking out. I’m convinced this is from the bagels. Or rather the gluten in the bagels. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not going to try again and find out.

A lot of the research I found on Paleo sites said you don’t really need carbs post workout until you are extremely lean. Like, 15% body fat for women (I’m at 35%). Post workout I was having a protein shake and using whole milk instead of my usual water, and adding a large handful of frozen fruit. That’s a lot of carbs within an hour!! But I did like the energy I had during the workout so my new plan is to drink my protein shake before and during my workout. That way the carbs are immediately used for energy, and hopefully I won’t have the cravings and crashes I’ve had the last week. We shall see…


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