My weight tends to fluctuate as such: two weeks of losing, two weeks of staying the same or gaining. I’ve learned to notice this so I don’t freak out, but this month I can’t help it. I’m in the gaining stage of the month and I know I should just relax, and if by the time I get to the normal losing stage and I’m not losing, that’s when I should fret. But it’s still hard to think you are doing everything right and the scale is not rewarding you accordingly.
Whenever I have problems losing I always freak and start looking at new diet plans. The current one I’m exploring is the Paleo diet, which is pretty similar to what I’m doing now. The only difference would be less dairy, more fruit. Not a bad trade off for all the amazing fruit that will be in season over the next couple months. But I’ve been playing with carb intake a bit lately (another reason I might be staying the same) and I’m finding that I am REALLY carb sensitive. I have cravings and I’m hungry if my blood sugar gets wacky. I haven’t been hungry since starting my no sugar/gluten/starch plan and I’m not enjoying feeling hungry.
Sigh… Anyway. My main priority is to make sure my carbs get back down low and I start tracking what I’m eating. Not to count calories but to count carbs to make sure I’m not going crazy over my daily need. Today I’ve had coffee and half n half, measured out, for one gram of carbs. Bacon is in the oven, and there will be salad for lunch, nom nom nom.

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy-os out there. Thanks for putting up with us moms 🙂


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