I am going to a BBQ on the 4th of July. I love to make desserts. Usually I volunteer to bake or make something delectable. But this year I’m at a loss. I found an amazing flag cake recipe- but cake is already forced upon us at every birthday party and it’s never anyone’s most favorite thing anyway. I could make cookies with royal icing, but those are more for looks, not taste really bc royal icing tastes like shit. I could do a paleo fruit tart or just berries and cream… I just don’t know!!!!!!!
If I make something just to show off my artistic skills it doesn’t always taste the best. If I make something super tasty it might not be as holiday themed and might not have the wow factor. But it would have the OMG taste factor. I would choose to not eat either of these. I could make something that I choose to eat, but then that might also be lacking in the wow factor. I really like baking. I just worry that I’ll look like a total bitch if I bring this fancy dessert to a party and then don’t eat any of it. But all the people there love me. And I love to bake. I could always say that since I’m changing how I eat I don’t get the chance to bake as much as I used to so I revel in the chance to go all out… Meeehhhhh. I have zero time to make something fancy and I haven’t even committed to bringing something… Sometimes it’s just nice to day dream. On that note, as of today I’ve lost 65.5 pounds!! 34.5 to go! Yyeeaahhh!

Look at my dinner: cauliflower mash and homemade raspberry vodka. Um, yum.



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