Square Peg…

I have been scouring the internet recently for 1950’s housewife nostalgic gems.  I’ve found a few- some sexist ads that are pretty funny, and the ever entertaining “good wife” list from a mid-century Good Housekeeping article.  But mostly what I’ve found are way left articles that disparage the role of a 1950’s housewife, or defensive articles that have the word “God” written every 5 words.  Then there are the hippies.  These are the people that my community seems to have the most of, and you’d think I’d fit in the best with them.  But they are the rich hippies.  The hippies who are total capitalists.  The SAHMs who don’t know how to budget or bargain shop because they’ve never had to.  The moms who don’t know what it’s like to literally have $300 or less of disposable income.  And by disposable, I mean what’s leftover after the minimum due on your bills are paid.  $300 for food and gas and diapers.  For the month.  THREE HUNDRED.

From the left I’ve learn that caring for your husband, and your children, means you care less about yourself.  That wanting to stay home and raise the babies you grew (or adopted or fostered), somehow equals self imposed slavery and dimness.  What?!  That doesn’t make any sense.  Then on the right there are so many well-intentioned folks who may support staying at home, but they also support an extreme view of religion that fosters an environment of judgement and hate in its own right.

I cannot be the only Catholic, liberal, beer drinking, meat eating, sugar avoiding, pro-choice, pro-gay, broke-ass housewife out there.  But when I look for support from the stay at home mom blog community, I’m met with random posts about politics that I don’t support or believe in.  And if someone believes in the things I believe in politically, they sure as hell don’t seem to believe in honoring and obeying your husband, being a stay at home mom, being morally obligated to clean the house, be in a good mood, have sex, do laundry, cook dinner, etc…

And today!  Someone guest posted about their financial lot in life as part of a series being ran by one of the blogs I follow- their NET income- NET SINGLE EARNER INCOME was over $65,000 a year.  They had $3200 left over after all their bills were paid each month.  How am I supposed to relate that when I don’t even GROSS $3200 a month?

Maybe, I should just start posting to this blog more.  Maybe someone will find it and comment that yes!  There are people like me out there!


Or maybe not and it doesn’t matter and I should just learn to take the good with the bad.  Meh?


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